Tartanwyn Frost From Angels Breath ~ Frosty

Frosty is by: Ch Tartanwyn Sky’s Indigo Bunting x Tartanwyn High Ho Tally’O. He was a singleton puppy born in the middle of a December Late Sunday night Ice Storm. I had taken Tally to the vet on Friday and xrayed to find she had only one pup in her that went from the top of her abdomen to the bottom of her abdomen. The vet said it was about the size of a 2+ wk old pup. Her due date was Monday. He said he thought she would wait then till Tuesday at least. Well, there I sat with Tally in contractions and I couldn’t go anywhere and I was home alone. Angels truly were there with us as I gently tugged, massaged and tried not to break the sac the pup was in as he was coming out rear first. It took at least 15-20 minutes working on him and her to get him out. He was huge. My husband came home finally, it was 4am. I had him hold her head and I used both hands and stretched her and pulled him and he finally popped out.  Upper Half of him the skin had turned white instead of pink and the other half when out was blue skinned. I thought he was dead for sure.  I wiped him down and blew into his face…gave him to my husband with HUGE hands and had him shake him down and vigorously shake him down. He finally squealed! I praised God and the angles for he truly took in the breath of Angels that day. What a joy he was as a puppy. Such a fun dog.

He now is very happy living in the Ottumwa, IA area with Chris and Nathan and their daughter. What a happy life he is living now with his new family.

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